Tyrezones- A website that will change your way of buying tyres

India is one of the fastest growing marketplaces for automobiles. Buying a car or a bike has become a necessity rather than a luxury for many people. With new launches every now and then, people are highly confused as to what to buy, as buying a car is not a regular activity. Similarly, after buying a car, people get highly confused when it is time to change their tyres.
A tyre is one of the most important yet overlooked parts of a vehicle. It is the only source of connection between the vehicle and the road. Most of the people are quite ignorant when it comes to their tyres. They don’t know which tyre to buy and at what cost. To help them, Tyrezones.com has emerged as an online platform that helps users to take right decision while purchasing tyres for their vehicle.
Tyrezones.com is a website that provides online tyres at the best price in India. It offers a wide range of tyres to choose from. This website has a systematic format that gives you the option to select a tyre according to the type of your vehicle, the brand of your car or bike, and the brand of the tyre you want. This website is made keeping in mind the requirements of the users. With the widest range of top tyre brands, Tyrezones is a one-stop destination for people who want to buy tyres online.
Apart from being an e-commerce platform to buy tyres, Tyrezones.com is also an information-based website. The website keeps the user updated with the latest news about the automotive and tyre industry. There is another blog section in the website that talks about the topics related to latest tyre technologies, comparison articles, tyre maintenance, interesting facts about tyres, reviews about the upcoming cars and bikes, and many more interesting topics like these.
There are additional tools as well as services on the website that gives the user additional information and provide additional services as well. Following are the tools and services provided by Tyrezones:
  • Tyre upsizing tool: This tool helps people to understand what is tyre upsizing and how to properly upsize their tyres. For people who want to upsize their tyres, they can write the size of their tyre on the tool and the tool will automatically tell the various size combinations for their tyre.
  • Tyre pressure tool: This tool helps the user to understand the importance of adequate tyre pressure and also provides a pressure tool to check the ideal pressure for their car or bike tyre. The ideal pressure is different for different tyres, and so the pressure tool helps to know the ideal pressure for each tyre.
  • Ask an expert: This is a service provided by the website. It contains the most asked questions with their answers. People looking for these answers can directly search those questions here.
  • Find a dealer: In this, one can directly find the right dealer of the tyre they want to buy, according to their preferred geographical location. This helps the user to directly reach the dealer without any difficulty.
With all these tools and services, Tyrezones.com has become a problem-solving website for many people. Also, there are a few major topics that the website has covered to guide people through the tyre buying process. These are different topics to enhance the basic knowledge of the user about tyres. These topics are discussed below:
  • Choosing the right tyre: This Topic covers all the aspects that a person needs to keep in mind before buying their tyres. The tread, the size, the rubber compound, etc., all the parameters are explained in this topic, so that the user knows its tyre requirements.
  • Tyre maintenance: This topic gives the user some tips to maintain its tyres, which is necessary to increase the life of a tyre. It covers topic like tyre pressure, tyre rotation and the wear and tear of a tyre.
  • Tyre size: This topic helps the user to understand the perfect tyre size for their vehicle. It tells the user how to calculate the exact size of their tyre and how to read the tyre size.
  • Best tyre brands in India: Even if a customer knows which type of tyre to buy, they get confused between different brands. This topic has a list of the top 10 tyre brands in India.
With all these tools and services, Tyrezones has achieved to provide not only a wide range of products but also various types of services. To make the customer understand the way the company works, there is a small section in the website that tells the user the steps to buy tyres online at the best price from Tyrezones. There is also a small video that takes the user through the website and all the tools so that it is easy for the people to understand how the website works.

In short, Tyrezones is a platform, in which people can discover not only tyres for their vehicles but also news and information related to tyres. This is not just a regular e-commerce platform to purchase tyres, but also an information-driven website that seeks to educate its users.


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